“Indulge” yourselves

(Revised on Dec 15th, 2014)

For the past month I’ve been interning at Indulge magazine Bangalore (The New Indian Express), thanks to my lovely friend R, who works there. It’s one of those well-oiled teams that ensures that everyone gets their bit to write and there’s so much to learn from them. Here’s a small snapshot of the wonderful experiences I had while working there:

1. Just Push RESET

2. Holier Than Thou

3. Off the Cuff

 4. A Grainy Picture

5. Showing Gratitude

6. Pizza Exotica

7. Of Bunheads and Tutus


Want to see what each article was about? Scrollity-scroll:


RESET festival was a one-of-its kind showcase for the country’s best homegrown EDM talent.

Arjun Vagale of Jalebee Cartel and UnMute

Arjun Vagale of Jalebee Cartel and UnMute

CLICK HERE TO READ: Holier Than Thou

I definitely indulged in my girly side while writing up these two “It Lists” for the fashion-forward. One of those tasks that makes you remember why you secretly trawl those fashion blogs.

Jesus Earrings by Eina Ahluwalia

Jesus Earrings by Eina Ahluwalia


Another one on the earcuff craze.

The Ear Cuff Craze

The Ear Cuff Craze

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A review of Vaathsalya Millet Cafe, one of the quaintest cafes in J.P.Nagar. Not only does the cafe serve the most delicious vegetarian food, but the wonderful layout of the place will appeal to your artistic side.

The healthy feast at Vaathsalya

The healthy feast at Vaathsalya

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Whether you want a decadent turkey meal or a DIY option – here are the city’s best options for Thanksgiving!

The city’s best options for Turkey this Thanksgiving




Spaghetti Kitchen recently had its Pizza Di Firma festival. Lip-smacking pizzas and desserts on the menu for you!


Yummy for your tummy

Yummy for your tummy


CLICK HERE TO READ: Of Bunheads and Tutus

Ballet academies across the city and what they offer with all the important deets – prices, timings and locations. Choose which one you want to send your little prima donna to.

Pirouette please

Pirouette please





My Love-Letter to Mumbai


An evening at Juhu Chowpatty beach reminds you of how little it takes to find joy in life.

An evening at Juhu Chowpatty beach reminds you of how little it takes to find joy in life.


My affair with Mumbai begins the minute I set foot into the train station. The smell of vada pav and samosas mingled with the sweat of a hundred thousand people rushing to work, from work, to home, from home, to a client, from a client.

Every city is depressing. But none smell of hope as much as Mumbai does.

Only in Mumbai can I meet a hardcore business boy, an insightful writer, a magazine girl, an engineer for a top telecom company, a freelance artist, a student and another intern, each with the same opinion of the place, the same thirst for the city.

Nobody lives in the ideal house in Mumbai. Everyone wishes they were in a bigger place, or a place closer to work, or one where the sea was visible. But mention that they could leave Mumbai to get all this and more in another city, and everyone’s eyes mist over. How can we leave Mumbai? they say. How can we leave the place that led us to find who we are? How can we leave the one thing in our lives that demands nothing from us – only for us to be ourselves? Impossible.

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