It’s an international call… From Globcom!

This is an article that appeared (edited) in the Commits Chronicle Blog run by my Journalism teacher Mr. Ramesh Prabhu, who is an experienced international journalist. Please note: as this was for the college blog, it tends to run a little long. To view the edited article on the CCB, CLICK HERE. The following is the original article in its entirety:


It was a bright day in February when Sai sir came to our class and announced the event that we, the MMCs were awaiting with bated breath – Globcom 2014! As soon as he left the class, we couldn’t contain our excitement anymore, and started excitedly discussing who would be signing up.

For the uninitiated, Globcom is a yearly multi-cultural global PR communications project. Which means that we would get to work with team members from across the globe, over various time zones, all on an exciting PR project for a client who was a big industry name! This year, our project was for the prestigious Carl Zeiss who wanted us to present a proposal on “Better Vision for a Better Future” – their plan to introduce $1 glasses mainly in India, but also with a global focus.

Commits has, in the past, participated in Globcom and won great accolades. In fact, twice the students had even managed to travel to Abu Dhabi to attend the conference, a luxury which subsequent batches including ours could not afford as the second semester exams invariably clashed with the dates of the international conference in Boston from May 29 to June 1. (We were all very disappointed to hear about this).


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